Why to participate?

Russian market of
and technologies:
billion USD
of Russia
3 000
1 000
higher educational
40 000

It is offered

  • To demonstrate the samples of your products
  • To see what Russian producers propose
  • To learn what is in demand in Russia
  • To communicate and to exchange experience
  • To meet thousands of potential customers

You will get:

  • Comfortable working and living conditions
  • Low prices for exhibition area
  • Presentation of your products without additional payment
  • Access to Worlddidac Lounge
  • Set of souvenir products
  • Free sightseeing tour across Moscow
  • Two international evenings for the exhibition participants
  • Familiarization with the traditions of Russian culture and kitchen


Advertising in official catalogue
Advertising in exhibition center

Exhibitor’s calendar

Working hours of the exhibition
Working hours of the exhibition (october 29 — November 4)
Stands construction
October 29, 2017
08.00 - 20.00
Registration of exhibitors
Stands construction
October 30, 2017
09.00 - 20.00
08.00 - 20.00
Registration of exhibitors
Design of expositions on stands
October 31, 2017
09.00 - 20.00
08.00 - 20.00
Exhibition is open for visitors
Official opening of the exhibition
November 1, 2017
10.00 - 18.00
Exhibition is open for visitors
November 2, 2017
10.00 - 18.00
Exhibition is open for visitors
Removal of exhibit items
November 3, 2017
10.00 - 16.00
16.00 - 20.00
Stands disassembly
November 4, 2017
08.00 - 18.00
Early reservation

If the Exhibitor submitted an application on the terms of early reservation and received special prices based on it, he should make complete payment for reserved exhibition area plus registration fee by July 1, 2017. In case of the lack of full payment by this term, the bill will be cancelled and issued again on standard prices. The terms of early reservation shall not be applied to advertising, additional services and equipment, they may be paid on common grounds before October 10, 2017. Special prices for early reservation are available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from organizers.

Exhibitor’s calendar
June 30, 2017
Deadline for paying for the area and registration fee on the terms of early reservation
Special offer
September 1, 2017
To draw the application for international transport services
September 10, 2017
The exhibitors who rent unequipped area should address to the General constructor
Project design documentation
September 10, 2017
To address to the Organizers if visa support is needed
Form №2
October 1, 2017
To send information for the catalogue
Form №5
October 1, 2017
To order advertising in the catalogue
October 1, 2017
To submit application for additional equipment
Form №4
October 1, 2017
To send data for badges
Form №1
October 1, 2017
To order additional badges
Form №1
October 1, 2017
To send writing and logo for frieze panel
Form №3
October 10, 2017
Deadline for submitting applications for participation in the exhibition
October 10, 2017
To submit application for conducting presentation or workshop
Form №6
October 10, 2017
Deadline for paying for participation in the exhibition
October 29-30, 2017
Installation of stands for exhibitors renting unequipped area
October 31, 2017
Registration of exhibitors
October 31, 2017
Delivery of product samples and design of expositions for all exhibitors
November 3, 2017
To receive invoice for services
November 3, 2017
Move-out of exhibition items from the stand
16.00 - 20.00

Application for participation, contract, prices

Application for participation, contract, prices

At the first stage, you will get information package on the exhibition, plan of the hall from our employees and select the place for your stand and its area. Firstly, you can submit prior application which does not provide any financial obligations for you. In this case, stand selected by you may be at any time given to the exhibitor who signed participation contract. Submission of preliminary application is not an obligatory condition. It can be submitted here.


Contract conclusion is an obligatory term for participation in the exhibition. By signing the contract, the Exhibitor shall be obliged to undertake certain financial expenses, shall agree with the terms specified therein. Our employees may help to complete the contract, for which it is necessary to provide us with legal information on you company. The draft contract shall be submitted upon request. First, the contract shall provide the rented area and registration fee. Advertising and additional services, additional equipment may be selected and paid later.

Stand selection

After the contract signing, the stand selected by the Exhibitor shall be reserved by the Organizer for 30 calendar days till September 1, 2017, for 7 calendar days from September 2 till October 10, 2017 and cannot be offered to another Exhibitor before the end of this period. During this period, the Exhibitor should issue an invoice and perform necessary calculations in accordance with the contract. By the end of this period, the Organizer shall be entitled to remove reservation from this stand and to offer it to another Exhibitor.

It is possible to change the stand location and extend the rented area after the contract signing in the presence of technical possibility. Reduction of rented area after the contract conclusion shall cause an obligatory payment of amount defined in accordance with the contract.

Deadline for submission of application for participation in the exhibition – October 10, 2017

Prices and payment for services

For convenience of participants, invoicing shall be performed in two currencies at option – in euros or in Russian rubles. Russian residents shall pay in Russian rubles. Service suppliers are not VAT payers. The invoice shall be paid in installments. Payment terms are specified in the contract. Service prices may be changed at the discretion of the organizers at any time. For those, who will sign the contract before and will timely pay for it, the prices will remain in accordance with the contract for services specified therein. Price list is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Registration fee

Shall be obligatory for all exhibitors despite the dimensions of occupied area. Differentiated registration fee is provided depending on the number of representatives for the stand. The fee shall include the participant badge, placement of the information on the exhibitor in the official catalogue of the exhibition, portfolio with souvenir products, invitation tickets for special evening events for the exhibitors, exhibition participant certificate, storage terms for containers of up to 1 m3.

Participation without stand reservation

Participation without stand reservation

For participants who do not have opportunity by any reasons to reserve the stand and display his exposition therein, special participation terms are provided. Such participant will obtain: 1 set of souvenir products, information in official catalogues, exhibition participant certificate. His representative shall be entitled to be present in the exhibition hall and participate in the exhibition business program all days. The participants without the stand reservation may provide Organizers with their advertising products for its free delivery at the exhibition and Roll Up advertising banner with the width of 0,8m, height of 2 meters, which will be displayed in the hall in one of the passage between the stands. In case of participation without stand reservation, registration fee shall not be paid. Price list is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Visas, logistics and customs services

Logistics and customs services

Companies listed below are the official forwarding agents for foreign exhibitors. Loading-unloading services for foreign exhibitors may be ordered only from these official forwarding agents. All customs procedures shall be defined by them in the territory of the exhibition center “Crocus Expo”.

  • - “DHL Logistics” LLC
  • - “ADEFA” LLC

More complete information on official forwarding agents and their contacts is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Visas to Russia

The majority of foreign citizens should have visa for entry to the Russian Federation. Visa processing depends on your citizenship and the residence country.

Visa support for tourist visa.

The citizens who independently reserved hotels may obtain voucher from the hotel to obtain tourist visa. The cost of visa support depends on the hotel. Documents for visa execution (voucher + confirmation) will be sent by email by the hotel after paying for the hotel. If you need original copies of the documents, you may receive them by courier service for additional fee. In order to receive detailed information you can contact the hotel. Terms of getting visa may change. For more detailed information, address to the exhibition organizers or to the counsel institutions of the Russian Federation in your country.

Visa support for business visa.

In order to get business visa, it is necessary to execute visa support. These services are provided by the partners of our exhibition. The contacts are submitted upon request. Invitation letter for the citizens of the European Union may be prepared within 5 working days, for the citizens of other countries this term may be up to 30 calendar days. We ask to address to the exhibition organizers in advance.

Construction of the exhibition

Planning and placement of the exhibition items

Final planning and placement of the exhibition items in the exhibition hall shall be performed on October 10, 2017. Planning of the exhibition items in the exhibition hall before this term is preliminary. The organizers shall reserve the right to change location of the exhibition items in the hall depending on the technical need at own discretion. Exhibition areas, paid and not occupied by the exhibitor before 18.00 of October 31, 2017, shall be considered as unoccupied. Organizers are entitled to use them at own discretion. In this case, the funds paid by the exhibitor shall not be refunded.

Unequipped space

The Exhibitors shall be entitled to order unequipped space. In this case, space without panels, carpets, electricity and other standard stand equipment will be provided. Construction will be performed for additional payment by the General constructor or the company selected by the exhibitor. All issues on drawing technical documents and construction of unequipped space shall be pre-agreed with the Organizers of the exhibition. Covering of this space with carpet or another material is obligatory. More detailed information on stands construction is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Equipped space – standard stand

Stand constructed of the exhibition structures on the carpet covering with white panels shall be considered as the standard stand. The height of the standard stand is 2,5 m. Stand walls shall be formed with light aluminum balks, slopes and plastic laminated panels. Each wall panel has dimensions - 250 cm in height (including top and bottom planks), about 100 cm in width and front size of about 96х235 cm. Standard stand shall be equipped with standard equipment. More detailed information on stands construction is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Equipped space – improved standard stand

At the discretion of the exhibitor, he may select improved more expensive construction. Standard stand may be replaced with the improved stand after the contract conclusion together with additional services and equipment. More detailed information on stands construction is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Additional equipment

Carefully check the equipment within the space ordered by you. You can order all that you need in addition. More detailed information on stands construction is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Access to the exhibition hall, badges

Access of the exhibitors to the pavilion shall be provided upon presentation of registered badges, which they will get upon registration. The exhibitors can get access to the exhibition hall during the working days of the exhibition from 9.00 to 18.00. Exhibition items shall be put for secure keeping in evening from 17.30 to 18.00. In case of independent construction, passes for the staff involved in stand installation/dismounting works shall be obtained from the General constructor in advance. The visitors may enter the exhibition with the badges VISITOR. They shall be issued after registration of the visitor. Entrance of the visitors to the exhibition hall - from 10.00 to 17.30, on the last exhibition day – from 10.00 to 16.00.

Stand installation, exhibition items design

Exhibitors who ordered standard equipped area may deliver their samples and register exhibition items on October 31, 2017 from 8.00 to 18.00. Exhibitors who ordered unequipped area and independent construction, may deliver necessary equipment for stand installation on October 29 and 30 from 8.00 to 20.00 after the procedure of control of design and technical documents of the constructor. Samples for design of the exhibition items shall be delivered on October 31 from 8.00 till 18.00. Time for removal of the exhibition items without stands dismounting shall take place on November 3, 2017 from 16.00 to 20.00. Stands shall be dismounted on November 4 from 8.00 to 18.00.

More detailed information on the procedure for delivery and removal of the exhibition items, loading-unloading works is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Worlddidac lounge

Worlddidac Lounge shall be organized in the exhibition hall. Here the exhibition participants may drink coffee or cold drinks, meet with their partners, discuss any issues with the representatives of Worlddidac association. Entrance to Lounge – by the badges of the exhibition participants. Service in Lounge – free. Working hours – from 9.30 to 17.30.

Official catalogue, advertising

Official catalogue

Official catalogue of the exhibition is a unique electronic publication which will be distributed among the exhibitors, its guests and visitors on DVD. It will be submitted to the regional Ministries of education, schools and colleges, commercial structures of the Russian Federation, as well as placed on the website of the exhibition. Information on the company in this catalogue will allow to inform wide range of interested organizations on the exhibition. An official catalogue of the exhibition will be prepared in two languages – English and Russian. Information in the catalogue on the exhibition participants shall be placed free of charge. Each exhibitor will get the catalogue in electronic and in printed form.

Advertisining in official catalogue

If requested, the exhibitor may order placement of advertising module in the official catalogue for additional fee. The exhibitors shall prepare an advertising module independently in accordance with the technical requirements and submit it to address of the organizers. Final term for preparation and submission to the address of the organizers of the advertising module – October 10, 2017.

Advertising in the exhibition center

If requested, the exhibitor has the opportunity to place your advertising structure in the exhibition center or in the exhibition hall outside your stand. This service is paid. On the issues of placing advertisements please address to the Organizers.

Presentations, seminars, workshops

Presentations, seminars and workshops in the conference hall

Conference halls with microphones, acoustic system, screen, projector, laptop, table for speaker, chairs and speech-tribune will be equipped during the exhibition. Conducting events in conference halls for the exhibitors is free. Duration of each event – 30-40 minutes. Audience – specially invited representatives of educational institutions, commercial and public structures, as well as visitors of the exhibition. Entrance - by prior registration and free. Specially invited moderator will help to conduct workshops and presentations. Foreign exhibitors will be provided with English-Russian interpreter. Information on workshops and presentations will be placed in the exhibition program and will be announced in loudspeaker mode in the exhibition hall.

Presentations on own stand

Each exhibitor has an opportunity to perform presentation of own products, goods and services, workshop or any other event on own stand. If this event is conducted without sound amplification, it should not be agreed with the organizers. If you would like many visitors to see your presentation and to use sound amplification, it is necessary to agree the time and form of its conducting with the organizers. Information on presentation will be placed in the exhibition program and announced in loudspeaker mode in the exhibition hall. Provision of sound amplification equipment for presentations included within the seminars schedule – free. Provision of interpreter, other necessary equipment – for additional payment.

Hotels, excursions, entertaining program


Organizers of the exhibition will prepare the list of recommended hotels for accommodation. Recommendations will be provided to the hotels which will provide special prices for placing the exhibition items and the relevant service level. One of the important selection terms will be convenient transport communication between the hotel and the exhibition center “Crocus Expo”. More detailed information is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.

Entertaining programs

Special evening events will be organized for the exhibitors without any additional charge. More detailed information is available in the exhibitor handbook or may be requested from the organizers.


All the exhibitors will have free opportunity to take part in general sightseeing tour across Moscow. If the exhibition participants wish broader excursion program across Moscow or Russia, before or after the exhibition completion, we will provide information on reliable tour agencies which will be able to organize everything.

Communication with organizers

Contacts of organizers

Before the start of the registration of the exhibition participants, all the issues with Organizers shall be settled by the contacts of its office:

“Well Done Production” LLC

Address: 105122, Russia, Moscow, 2A Schelkovskoe shosse, office 1348

Tel: +7 499 130 40 61

WhatsApp: +7 903 130 40 61

E-mail: info@worlddidac-russia.com

Web: www.worlddidac-russia.com

Organizer’s office of the exhibition

Representatives of the Organizers will always be present in the exhibition hall in specially equipped place during the exhibition and on the registration date. Contact telephones will remain unchanged.

Tel: +7 499 130 40 61

WhatsApp: +7 903 130 40 61

Order forms

Order forms

More detailed information on completion of necessary forms is available at the exhibition organizers or in the exhibitor handbook. You can download order forms here.

Exhibitors manual